Like and Not Like Dad

My Father taught me many specific and necessary life skills, like how to shoot a gun, ride a dirt bike, and weld. I don't really do any of those too well any more, but my Father also taught me to love learning, to get curious and dirty by asking questions and taking things apart. He taught each of us three boys to be curious about what makes something tick. My dad, a farmer most of his life, never enjoyed school, in fact my mother did a lot of his homework, but my dad has always loved learning about everything. On family trips we made sure to stop at practically every historical marker and museum.

So if you find me annoying you with too many questions, a lot of random facts, or an obsession with the History Channel, you can blame my father.

There are also a lot of ways that I'm not like my father, ways I wish I was like my father.

Dad is fiercely loyal and committed. My youngest brother graduated from East Linn Christian Academy in 2006, my father continues to volunteer mass amounts of his time to take care of the facilities at the school. No one asked him to, or told him to, he's just operates on the assumption that when you commit yourself to someone or something that you don't do so just because it is beneficial to you or your family.

I on the other hand get a little too A.D.D. with my commitments.

I do wish I were more like Dad, but there is something more important than that. While driving with my parents across the Northern States (they came out for my graduation), we stopped at Olive Garden for dinner. While we waited for dinner I tried to profusely thank them. My dad's response was a dadish sort of short and sweet comment, "well we're proud of who you are."

I do wish I were more like dad, but really all I ever wanted was to make him proud.