The Collateral Damage of Overeating

After a final lazy semester at school, an 11 day smorgasbord vacation in Oregon, and one more week of "deserved" break after we got back, I woke up from the insanity to find myself over 200lbs for the first time in my life. I know, 200 isn't really that big of a deal for a male these days, especially since I have enough sexiness in my face to make it relatively unnoticeable, but "not a big deal" now only gets me closer to a big deal later. Which could really pay off for my writing career if I made it on biggest loser.

It's easy to think of this as a personal problem. If I drown my sorrows at McDonalds every day I'm only damaging myself, but the reality is that my health affects my attitude, my ability to think, and my relationships with others. It's pretty clear that when I'm in shape, I treat people better.

None of our decisions are a personal choice. Everything we do, especially as a follower of Jesus, will affect our marriages, friendships, and communities. What we eat, how we spend our money, even how we treat the little plots of land I live on, will affect those around us in positive or negative ways.

This isn't hokey self-help. The summary of the law was love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. If my laziness makes me a grumpy person, I am not fulfilling that command.

If sin is whatever misses the desires of God's heart for his people as a whole, then this is my confession. May God give me strength to change.

How have your own decisions (eating or otherwise) affected your community (either positively or negatively)?