Lies! Damned Lies!

I remember where I was when gave my friend Preston a boldfaced lie. The Blue Ridge Mountain air was as thick and sultry as my conscience, but the heat and humidity helped cover up the physical manifestations of my shame. I got away with it, sort of. After spending the next eight hours getting paid to be consumed by shame and self-hatred, I did end up telling him the truth. I hadn't ever, and still haven't seen him hurt like that because of my actions. I had taken something he had so carefully and thoroughly given me and threw it on the ground.

We've recovered. And while words can break just as many bones as sticks and stones, the bone that heals, if set properly is stronger than the original.

I'm reminded of that lie this week (though I have told others) because someone lied to me. The worst part was that (like my lie) it was used to make the person seem more spiritual.

To me, that is the worst kind of lie. We criticize the world for its lack of integrity and submission to God, then knife the other parts of Christ's body, our own spiritual flesh, to gain spiritual status.

May God have mercy on my hypocrisy.