Writer's Block. Got Any Dynamite?

I've hinted at this a couple times, but I think I'll just come out with it. I'm writing a book!

I was hoping for a bit more grandios announcement, but let's just consider this my soft opening. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Today's writing is not going so well.

I need a sounding board. I've been hitting some walls and need some fresh vision to get the ideas flowing again. So instead of giving you some thoughts to gnaw on, today I'd like some thoughts from you. Yes, you specifically.

So if you have a minute or two, your brutally honest answers to a few questions would be greatly appreciated. I want the good, band, and the ugly. I promise I won't use any specific examples in the book unless I ask you first.

If you could give your input on a few of the following questions it would be greatly appreciated.

1) Have you left a church before? Why?

2) Why are you at the church you are now?

3) How have you experienced genuine community whether in or out of church, or even with people who aren't Jesus followers?

4) What does unity mean to you?

5) What is one type of church you would never be a part of and why? (Church of Satan doesn't count.)

Pick one (or all) and run with it!

Feel free to piggyback on someone else's comment if you feel you have something to add to what they said, but I want room for people to lay out both their noble and selfish experiences, so try to avoid the temptation to simply prove someone wrong. Trolls will be dealt with.