The Money Experiment - Free Book Giveaway

You may have noticed a few aesthetic changes to the sight. Allow me to explain.

A couple of months ago I found a friend from high school on facebook. Ryan and I played basketball, or rather Ryan played basketball and I cheered him on. Ryan was the all-state point gaurd, while I was the 6th.... er 10th man. Despite being a bit envious of Ryan's mad skills, I also had a lot of respect for him. He was, and is a man of integrity who is constantly fighting to get closer to God.

Again I find myself filled with both envy and respect as Ryan has written his first book: The Money ExperimentI told Ryan I was interested in reviewing it, so he sent me a copy. You may remember that I mentioned it a couple weeks ago in the post How Coffee and Music Made Me Enormously Wealthy

Before we were married, Courtney and I took Dave Ramsey's financial peace class and worked our way through The Total Money Makeover. While I'm grateful practically every month that we've learned to handle our money wisely, I've still had the sense that as a follower of Jesus the way I handle my time and resources should be something more than just 'wise.' Ryan's book gets to that. It is isn't a book on proper budgeting or investment strategy, it is an invitation to submit all that we are to God and finally act like all that we have in our hands belongs to him. Ryan writes in a way that challenges our assumptions, but does so in a non-bombastic or pretentious way.

The format of the book is more doing than reading, in fact each chapter only has about two pages of actual writing, the rest are the experiments. Each week you have to pick one of seven experiments that range from repurposing an old item to dumpster diving for your meal. But don't worry, you pick the challenges you do and don't do, and the actual time invested in the experiment is not that large.

I'm honestly a bit nervous about this, maybe terrified. I'll be posting each monday about my own experiments starting in Monday, so I'm hoping to push myself a bit. I'm sure some of you will as well.

So here's the plan. Buy the money experiment (which I think is currently only available on Amazon. I'll place a link below), look through it a bit, but don't dig in just yet. I'm going to set up a page so we can go through it together, share our thoughts, favorite quotes, and experiences starting August 1st. I'm expecting this to be a pretty transforming process. I hope you'll join me.

Also, because I am a bit horrified by going through this and want other people on the journey with me, I will be giving away two copies of the book, gratis. All you have to do is comment below and convince me that you'll give a sentence of input each week for the eight or so weeks if you win. No facebook reposts required if you want to be greedy and increase your chances, but I'd like to get a lot of voices contributing to this little quest.

Disclaimer: I am required by FTC laws to note that the above link is an affiliate link with Amazon and I will receive compensation (at no increased cost to you) if you purchase the book via the link instead of getting it from a small bookstore owner like you probably should. However, I only refer items that I would be referring anyway whether I was receiving compensation or not.