Dave Ramsey is not Jesus

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Dave Ramsey is a great guy, but he is not Jesus, and I highly doubt he thinks that of himself.

Courtney and I took Dave's Financial Peace class as a part of our pre-marital counseling. I am to this day grateful that we did so. If you haven't read The Total Money Makeover, I suggest you get a copy pronto. The sorts of 'common sense for your dollars and sense' that Dave offers have helped us be responsible in how we track our spending, outline our budget, and plan sensibly for things that we know to be coming down the pipe. People commonly note that after getting on the plan it feels like they just got a raise. I can vouch for that.

But Dave is not Jesus, and I don't think he should be our last word on finances.

I think we should be wise with how we handle God's stuff, but is what Jesus' calls us to always necessarily sensible?

The things that Jesus taught are counter-intuitive to our natural way of thinking, "If your oppressor demands by law that you carry his armor for one mile, go beyond what you are supposed to do; carry it two miles." Jesus' kingdom was not about tweaking the world a bit, but rather turning it completely upside down.

This is a very undeveloped statement, but in my experience with the sorts of things that Jesus calls me to, sensible doesn't seem to be the primary agenda, which makes me cock my head a bit when I realize that how I've handled my finances has largely been from the approach of being sensible.

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Am I the only one who wrestles with this?




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