Money Mondays

Very little produces more frustration, excitement, paranoia, and pain for the typical U.S./Canadian than money. The green, or for my flannel loving friends in the north,  the red, blue, brown, purple, and who knows what else, steers a lot of our decisions whether we like it or not. Even our marriages often rise or fall depending on how we handle finances; the number one reason cited as cause of divorce is in fact moolah. So to say that how I handle finances does not affect my faith is plain silly.



As you've probably heard me say several times now, starting August 13th I'll be kicking off The Money Experiment: A Community Practice in Financial SimplicityEach monday for eight or so weeks I'll be talking about Money. Since Christians are required by draconian tradition to alliterate everything, I'm going to call it Money Mondays.

The book, The Money Experiment, written by a friend of mine, is more of a get off your butt field guide than it is a theological work. Each chapter has about three pages of actual reading, followed by several experiments. Each week you pick one of the experiments which range from researching where your food comes from to dumpster diving for a meal. I'm setting up a forum on this site so each week you can check in on what experiment you did and how it affected your view of resources. Think of it as an eight week online campsite.  If you’re interested in joining, in I’m giving away two copies of the book. Just go to the post, The Money Experiment – Free Book Giveaway and leave a comment at the bottom. The deadline is August 1st. TOMORROW! Otherwise you can just buy the book yourself.

To be up front here in an attempt to tell the truth, I'm going to be fairly up front and specific about our finances, giving, lack of giving, income, whatever. I'm going to use details (as in numbers). I know we aren't supposed to let our left hand know what our right hand is doing, but right now I'm not even sure what either hand is doing right now; that sort of transparency is going to force me to face the facts about how I'm handling God's resources. Which by the way should entail much more than 'just money'

So whether you're going to work through the experiment with us or not, I hope you'll share your experiences, joys, success, and failure with whatever amount of God's resources that pass through your hands.