The Storage Locker Company Won't Return My Calls

Everything has a beginning, a muddle, and an end, which is why people have a mid-life crisis, and why a lot of till-death-do-us-parts don't get fulfilled. In the beginnings we're excited about they way things could, and maybe even should be. Opportunity and promise provide a rolling green pasture for our ideals to frolic in. Buying that new house, learning that new instrument, heck, even following Jesus in some new direction, is nothing but better days ahead.

Endings too can be pretty great–though often tearful. You get to look back with the end in mind and see all the best things, the things that are hard to say goodbye to. All the work is finished, there is only the appreciation of what's been accomplished.

The muddle, is the place where determination and sheer will power is tested, the place where most people just give up disinterested. It's the hardest because you've put in all work with very little result, often some sort of setback, and little materialization of what you thought whatever it was should be, which is why most marriages end within the first ten or fifteen years.

I'm in a muddle right now. You might remember me going on about The Money Experiment a month ago. At the outset, knowing how muddles often go, I gave myself permission to fail. I'm glad I did. The beginning was fantastic. The first two weeks God just threw things in my lap that set the standard high for what would happen. Then things started slogging. The week two experiment found me handing in an application to the local food pantry, which I haven't heard from in three weeks. And now a full two weeks behind on the third experiment the Storage locker company won't return my calls (that will make more sense if I actually get it done and write about it). I just about threw in the towel. But then I remembered the permission I gave myself to fail. Not much in my life has gone as expected, or even very gracefully, so really this Money Experiment is just par for the course. Time to get back up and keep moving through the muddle.

What is your muddle?