iPhone 4s is so 5 Minutes Ago.

The goal of advertisement is to make you discontent, to make you want something you don't have. iPhone 5 comes out and all the sudden 4s Siri is putting on some weight and getting wrinkles in her eyes. A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with some Australians and a Kiwi. I asked the Kiwi, from New Zealand, what her parents did; I laughed out loud when she said her father had made a living as a TV repairman. Who in the past ten years have I known who have bothered to fix their TV? When our TV broke, we were excited because we wanted a new one anyway.

Everything we do is related to everything else we do in some way. What I eat, how I eat, affects my health, affects my mood, affects my faith. What if my discontentment with things isn't limited to the stuff I buy, what if it affects my faith? How does it affect my faith?

Does it?