A Time to Feast

I was a bit harsh in my last post regarding the irony of the Thanksgiving season, but I do like holidays, eating far too much, enjoying a few moments free from responsibility (unless you are a mother, in which case these things are typically a huge and under-appreciated undertaking), altogether slowing the pace of life to accomodate celebration. Celebration is a spiritual thing, which is why the Jewish Calendar is stocked full of parties. It's true all those festivals have some spiritual formality to them, a remembrance of what God has done, but as a Jewish man in Columbus once told me, "It's also an excuse for Jews to get hammered." There is a part of God that is abundant, that makes more wine on day three of the party, that plans to culminate the tension of human history with a wedding feast.

I am thankful for a lot of things, but mostly that I get to try and follow Jesus, who offers a smorgasbord of compassion and love for far too un-appreciative people like myself.

Enjoy your Turkey.