Better Together

As of 11:30 today the Kickstarter portion of album funding reached 100%! In case you were thinking about supporting the project but saw the goal reached, don't let it stop you. The next stage in funding is expanding the width and depth of what we can do musically as well as the possibility of printing physical albums, or maybe even pay some gas for a few shows around the Midwest. But either way, this thing is actually happening! And it's because of some very generous people.

Seattle_-_Pain_in_the_Grass_-_1995_-_crowd_surfing_01.jpgI've been involved with projects that felt like pushing a square boulder up a hill, where the lack of momentum made me want to crawl in a hole. But this –this feels more like that time in high school that I crowd surfed at a Five Iron Frenzy concert (though I've yet to receive a wedgie this go around.) I'm not tossing around sentiment when I say that without a crowd of people behind it, this album would not see the light of day anytime soon, if ever. The sort of money it takes to put together something worth putting in front of people is more than can fit in the budget of a guitar teacher and coffee roaster.

And so I am grateful, unsure how to give the deserved thanks, to express a appreciation for every facebook like and share, for every tweet (@jason__ropp) that helped get the word out, for those who jumped right in and gave, sometimes out of their meager college student budget, as well as those who are putting up big chunks of cash to help make this happen. So for now I'll say thank you, I'll put everything I've got into making the sort of music I've called for on this blog.

Much thanks. For your support and encouragement of the passions that bring me joy. 



If you'd like to keep up with updates on the album I recommend you like my musician facebook page, add me on twitter, or just send me an email ( and I'll add you to the mailing list. 


May He guide you through the wilderness. May He protect you through the storm. May He bring you home rejoicing at the wonders He has shown you.