Safe Places

A traveller caught out in a storm doesn't think much about the business plans awaiting him at his destination, or whether or not he should work on his less favorable character flaws, and definitely not whether his interpretation of such and such passage is the proper one. No, he just wants a shelter over his head, a fire to keep him warm, and food in his stomach.

Give most people a safe place, and after they've had a chance to dry off what life has so relentlessly poured on them, or maybe even what they've poured on themselves, after they've been warmed clear to the bone and had a bowl or two of soup, after the sun has come out again and the journey continues, then you can get back to offering advice about other concerns if you must.

In the mean time it might be best to keep your mouth shut and your ears open, unless   of course you intend to tell a joke.

Thank you to all the friends who have sat with me in caves and rugged roadside shelters and offered food and some good laughs until a brighter day came.








May He guide you through the wilderness. May He protect you through the storm. May He bring you home rejoicing at the wonders He has shown you.