A Walking Trip Update.

Middle_Age-roadOn April 25th I will step out my front door, make a right turn and head 13 miles south, the first leg of a journey that will ultimately end in Columbus, OH. If you want to follow the journey I'll be writing three to four posts a week for the duration of the trip. Or you can follow my journey to insanity 140 or less characters at a time @Jason__Ropp. Training has been fairly straightforward. I walk. This coming weekend I'll walk with a pack. It's not rocket science.

Two weeks ago I bought some shoes. The last time I bought new shoes was a twofer at a foot locker in Oregon in 2006, a record I was sad to break. But all good things must come to an end, even my arrogant footgear frugality.

When I walk, I try to imagine myself in western Ohio, which isn't all that hard as Elkhart county undulates only slightly more than our western neighbor. I work through all sorts of what ifs ranging in levels of plausibility.

What if there's a tornado? do I run to the nearest home and kick down the door?

What if I'm confronted by a malicious terrier? (Practices soccer technique)

What happens when nature calls? (Does not practice squatting technique)

But mostly I just wonder at the terror of the whole thing. Lately I've had a tendency to make myself do things that make me afraid to wake up in the morning. But I'll save that for another post.

I do have a request. I'm looking for some connections in the following locations: Columbia City, IN; Payne, OH; Ada, OH; Belle Center, OH; or Zanesfield, OH. If you know anyone with a couch (or a lawn) near one of those locations, I would be grateful.

Also, In case your interested I thought I'd list a few of the dates where I'll be playing music along the way. There will be more dates and information as it gets closer

April 29th ~ Warsaw, IN w/Dave Ferrier (Time and Place TBA)

May 8th ~ Rosedale, OH Speaking for chapel @ Rosedale Bible College

May 9th ~ Rosedale, OH Show @ Rosedale Bible College coffee shop

May 11th ~ Columbus, OH House show @ Oikos

May 13th ~ Goshen, IN @ Electric Brew