Meme Repost Culture

36800590Memes –I grow weary of you. Reducing the world to soundbites, giving us a quick and easy way to feel like we've created something special. You're like prostitution for art, but free. So really just promiscuous, satisfied to be used and re-used ...and reused.

I understand, I really do, you're like a modern day Renaissance poem, the challenge of variation within rigid boundaries is exhilarating. But for all the good you've done, helping us express emotions we didn't know how to let out otherwise, you're beginning to stunt our emotional growth by giving us the sugar-high-feeling of sophistication that only comes with caps locked snarky ideas on pastel next to people dressed for a victorian tea party. frabz-One-Does-Not-Simply-Change-an-individuals-entire-worldview-by-po-bdcfbb

Then, of course, there is your religious cousin, the one that shows up at a party to remind people what chopped up babies look like or what God thinks about marriage –again, with the all caps. Can you let him know that everyone, even the people who sort of agree with him sometimes feel awkward when he's around, and not the "I'm ashamed of Jesus" awkward that he talks about either. In fact he's usually interrupting a great conversation we had going about life, faith, and it's implications –a conversation based in relationship aware of the nuances of human interaction. For all I care he can go hang out on Xanga with that post about a girl I dated five years ago. 

Of course, Meme, it's really not your fault, you are simply an image expressing what we asked you to. So really I'm shooting the messenger in the hopes that the sender gets the message.