Walking Tour Update: Holes

640px-Zlackensattel,_Mitteralpe I leave Thursday.

To Walk.

250 miles.

Oh boy.

Young_George_WashingtonAnd there are Holes.



Right now Northwest Ohio feels like gaping wound in my itinerary. You might not know it based on recent presidential elections, but the Ohio frontier hasn't changed all that much since George Washington trudged across it with brass plain and lodestone. While websites like Couchsurfing.com provided promising contacts, initial requests have fallen through. Today I'll start calling churches with tentable lawns.

Then there's the training. I lost a week of walking (and a lot of gumption) due to knee pain. The knee feels better, but that week was supposed to be the peak of my training. Instead I found myself sitting on a couch, nursing my wounds with a bag of mixed vegetables.

And then there are other holes. Details –I loathe details. Everything from how much warm clothing to bring to whether or not I should carry that jar of peanut butter.

I'm going to forget something; I always do.

All around I feel ill prepared and altogether terrified. Like Bob Wiley looking for tragedy and death around every corner. If I wanted to give up, I have a plethora of excuses at my disposal.

There are always holes, always excuses.

But thirty years from now I probably won't care whether or not I took the jar of peanut butter. But if I end up sleeping off the side of the road somewhere, then thirty years from now it will still make for a good story.

So, as I so often quote....

May He guide you through the wilderness. May He protect you through the storm. May He bring you home rejoicing at the wonders He has shown you.

And also...

"Baby steps, im taking baby steps over to the door, baby steps out of the door..." -Bob Wiley