A Cure For Anxiety

Maybe cure is too a strong word. But here it is anyway.

Be more interested in other people.

In a survey done on me by me. 100% of respondents actually felt less anxiety when they were doing things that directly benefitted others, even if that action made the respondent's life more difficult.

AnxietyIt's partly perspective. If you pay attention you might not be the only one having a bad day, or financial worries, or toe fungus.

But it's also purpose.

Because I really don't think we are happiest when life revolves around us. We think so, but in the same way that every time I pass the golden arches I think that a Quarter

Pounder would really hit the spot. It hits a spot, just not the one I intended.

The happiest people I know are those who find joy in serving others, making their life better. If you are that person, you will never be unnecessary.