The Album: A Big Thank You

I'm feeling all sorts of grateful right now for the support (both monetarily and emotionally) that went into making this album. I mean, I had to do a bit of work, but that mostly involved playing guitar. Oh how hard my life is.

But seriously.

Total production, including (but not limited to) recording, mastering, hired musicians, album design, replication, packaging, and digital distribution, cost somewhere just shy of $2000 and 40 hours. ($2004 and 40hrs 15min if you count that burger I had.)

Thanks to those who supported the kickstarter campaign, as well as several individuals with very big hearts and open wallets, Kellie Malcolm, Doug and Kerry Johnson, Beth and Jay Shetler, I quite recently broke even on my endeavors.

Honorable mention goes to Xander and Lauryn Marton who gave a significant chunk of change on a Ramen diet College student budget. I was pretty blown away when I saw what you gave to make this happen. Generosity is hereby and forever hence spelled Xaurynosity.

I just want to bathe in this for a bit.


I got to record a legit album for zero cost.

I. Am. Grateful.


So here's a back at you.

I'm giving away my album Knowing, gratis, libre, free, sans-cost. Just hop on over to noisetrade and download it.

If you want to support me as a musician, there will be future opportunities. And if you feel like you absolutely must pay me for the album, it's still available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, or here on the blog (including CDs I will ship to you).

Thank you for making this album possible. It wouldn't have happened without you.

Note: Feel free to download the music cost free and guilt free, but know that if you do tip, it will go to a weekly get together called Pit Road where a bunch of grease monkeys fix cars for single moms, widows, and desperate musicians like me. These guys help people in crisis and do so on a shoestring budget. They've helped me a ton over the years, I'd appreciate it if you'd help them out.