Feedback... essential. I've met my fair share of musicians, writers, and other artists who seem to look down on the feedback offered by those who spend valuable time perusing their work.

Personally, I crave it.

One of my goals is to create things that resonates and challenge. Ergo, I need to know what has resonated and challenged, and what hasn't.

So I'm asking you for feedback. Don't worry if you don't think what you have to say is profound. I just need some simple answers to the following:

Answer the following with regards to either the blog (even if you've only read a single post or two) or the music from Knowing.

1) A Positive: What has grabbed you by the collar and either inspired, challenged, encouraged, or convicted you? Whether it was a single line (the trees) or a broader theme (the forest)

2) A Negative: I know there are times that I type, post, or speak without thinking beyond the ideas. What has turned you off, frustrated, stereotyped you, or simply shamed?

3) A Positive: If you had complete control over what I do in the future, what would you have me create?

4) A Negative: Assuming the same sort of control, what do you keep me from doing again?

Most of you like to post answers on the fb page, which is fine, but to make it easier to be brutally honest I'm going to enable anonymous posting below. If you can only answer a question or two, that is still helpful.