Loving Olivia

My friend Michelle is dramatic. As in good at acting–but also in the melodramatic sense. She is also fantastic at crafting storyline. Oh, and she has a lovely voice. You can get her EP free here or on iTunes.

Below is a little production she put together. It's her take on the book of Hosea.

"Originally this story is found in the book of Hosea in the Bible.  Only after Hosea married this kind of woman, did he realize the kind of love God had for his people.  The kind of love that would make a man take back an unfaithful wife.

So here is my take on this old story that has plagued me for years.  This is essentially me in the story.  I’m that girl.  When you realize that, it kind of makes you feel sick."

You can read Michelle's full commentary at www.michelleflora.com.

(Oh, and I'm in it too, and not so good an actor. In fact I hate the sound of my own voice.)

One disclaimer, Michelle believes in portraying reality as it is, which in this case means language that some might find off putting. If you are sensitive to such things, allow me to save you the time and frustration of having to be bothered.

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