I'll Leave the Light On

Two weeks ago, I stumbled into our apartment at 2am after a long drive from a show I played in Pennsylvania. As always happens when I get home that late, the lights were on in the front room to welcome me home. Though Courtney's head had long ago hit the pillow, she welcomed me back with an electric hug.


"We'll leave the light on for you." 

-Tom Bodet

Few slogans have captured lightning hope in a jar like the Motel 6 tagline.

We live in a world of relationships malfunctioned by selfishness and fear. And if my own experience is anywhere near normal, we consequently fear the breakdown of our own connections. It is far easier to think of the reasons people might give up on us rather than stick it out–especially when we feel like giving up on ourselves. And so, those friends and family members we know will leave the light on for us, even when we're stumbling home in the wee hours of the metaphorical morning, offer a special kind of hope.

I'm thankful for friends like that.

I want to be a friend like that.

I'll leave the light on.


I'm also thankful that my friends in Shiny Shiny Black are dealing in hope and inspiring good things in the world. They put together a little video for their new single, which inspired this post.