The Next Album... beginning to percolate. At this point the concept is still vague–only two songs that may or may not make the cut, but the lyrical tone and the musical aesthetic seems to be gravitating toward rock organ and electric guitar, something with more of a live feel, something a bit raw.

As a guitarist, its going to be an album I cannot yet play. As a singer, it's going to require a confidence I'm only beginning to hit on any sort of a regular basis when playing live. As a writer it's going to take a comfort with an honesty tied to an empathy that seeks to build rather than tear down–slowly getting there.

"Passion, honesty, and competence–it was musical heaven." -Jimmy Page

Album CoverI learned a lot about myself on the first go around, or maybe I finally just admitted a few things to myself. I ditched some delusions of grandeur and picked up a few notes of confidence and experienced the joy of something built by a community of people as well as the painful-but-so-necessary reality that without community I'm not going to get much done, especially when it comes to handling details

For those of you still waiting on your 30 second song, I have not forgot about you.

But the second will be better than the first, both in content and execution. As always, my vision outpaces my current skill, simultaneously pulling me to a better place and making me paranoid. I am far from the stereotypical tortured artist, but there is a healthy level of discontentment that helps me move, without drowning out the joy of music.

Whether or not all the sentiment ever becomes recorded sound, time will tell. Either way, vision is a joyful thing.