Finding a Lover by Loving Your Enemies

Followers of Jesus were meant to be storytellers. Not that they have to write books or give TED talks, but their purpose in life is to learn from the Rabbi and displaying it in what they say and do.

Go and make disciples.

Today, everyone who lives and breathes will tell a story. Some stories will begin, some will come to an end, or rather turn to writing the next chapter. Some stories will encounter conflict, while others might catch some resolution.

But lets be honest, not all stories are created equal, which is why you never see a film adapted story of a 35 year old protagonist playing video games in his parent's basement who ends the movie in the same spot. Unless the film is a tragedy or reality TV.

But the best stories leave us both afraid and in awe, they are the sort of thing we'd never want to go through but still wish we could tell, they give us a glimpse of beauty that just can't be seen in the day to day. The best stories are simultaneously down to earth and existential. And in my opinion, the absolute best stories are about redemption.

The other night over dinner, a friend was telling a story of forgiveness, suggesting that forgiving isn't a forgetting, but a transforming of the past, redeeming it if you will. I can testify; the reason that Courtney and I share a bed is because of forgiveness. While so many couples have glanced across the room and found 'love at first sight,' Courtney and I had to first learn how to be in the same space without killing each other. We were first enemies, then friends, then as it turns out, loving your enemies is an alternative method for finding a lover.Me And Courtney

Thanks Jesus.

Frankly, I like our story better than the star crossed lovers scenario. What we have wasn't handed to us on a platter, we had to fight for it, we had to fight for each other as we fought to get to God and the sort of love He asks us to give freely. Redemption of broken things. Down to earth and existential.

What was once a gaping wound in our lives has turned into our story of redemption.