Loving Your Enemies Makes For Good Friendships

Good stories are difficult and rarely lived. But they are the best way to communicate deepest realities. When people mention loving enemies in reference to following Jesus, they are often written off as political liberals or social justice nuts, maybe even blind idealists. I can't speak for anyone else, but my own conviction about loving enemies as a significant part of being a disciple of Jesus flows from a desire to re-tell the story that Jesus lived: washing the feet of the one who would betray him, forgiving his indignant executors, and transforming one of the greatest persecutors of His followers into the person who literally wrote the book on Christianity. The first tree centuries of Christian writing unanimously bear witness.

And there are those who continue to re-tell those stories today, making stone-faced serial killers cry, becoming friends with the very people who turned their world upside down.

I'll hand the rest of the time over to them.

Robert Rule Forgives the Green River Killer. (1 min)

Hector Black's Story of Forgiveness and Friendship With His Daughter's Killer (20 min)