What You Do First

I've been working through a daily exercise put together by Donald Miller called The Storyline Productivity Schedule. It's less involved than you'd think–about five minutes each morning–but it's altering my priorities and consequently how I spend my time. It's simple really. Figure out the most important project you're working on and do that first. No matter whether you are a morning person or a night owl, what you do first is what will get your best and most productive attention. Otherwise, as I've found on days I don't do this, the day will find ways to sap your time and energy, sucking up desire to get to work and create. Lately, on an average week (not counting the time I spend giving lessons), I have a guitar in my hands for three hours, which is paltry considering my goals and profession. Since starting the productivity schedule (geez I sound like an infomercial) I've tripled that, even though the past few weeks have been loaded with other unexpected items.


So two questions:

What is most important to you?

Why isn't it the first thing you do?