Things Change Slowly

Life can become overwhelming–our failures, our circumstance, our abilities (or lack thereof), not to mention unrealized dreams and disappointments. Often the challenge in such times is to remember that while disaster seems to strike suddenly and with fury, all one can do in the aftermath is take a single step at a time, over and over and over for years on end.


We tend to live life wishing we were where we should be rather than accepting where we are, which ironically leaves us stuck in the present. Because no matter how hard we shut our eyes and strain, we are still where we are, not where we should be. We cannot do everything, but we can do one thing and keep doing one thing over and over until it piles up into something worth while. Rarely does an alcoholic suddenly leave behind the bottle forever, relapse is common. But a step forward might be that he only has a drink a week instead of every day. Every relapse is frustrating, but seven days free of destructive addiction is still seven days he wouldn't have had if he hadn't at least tried. In the positive sense, Jimmy Hendrix spent years playing underground blues circuits before anyone ever considered him a revolutionary in the guitar world.

You might long to play an instrument, but you are 45 years old and feel it's too late. Or maybe you do play an instrument but never pushed yourself to reach beyond an elementary level. Maybe your marriage is a wreck. Or maybe you are tired of being so cynical and bitter but can't seem to shut off your mistake detector.

I don't believe we have complete control over our life circumstances, our desires, or our relationships, but I do believe we can greatly influence life with the big and little choices we make and ultimately through what or who we choose to serve.

Take a step–right now. I dare you.