When We're Finally Stuck With Each Other

For those in the Midwest right now life is a little strange. Canada too I suppose, but residents of America's hat are quite prepared for -10 with 12"+ of powder.

Side note: I've heard that drinking the blood of a Canadian helps prevent frostbite.

But like most of the Midwest I'm bundled up in just the right amount of adrenaline. Temperatures are brag worthy, especially for a guy who grew up 10 minutes away from the least likely part of North America to have natural disaster (I'm not even kidding.).

Times like these are memory makers. I still recall a big windstorm growing up that put out the power for three hours (intense I know) and flooded the Willamette Valley. Dad pulled out a generator and we hooked the TV up to the stereo speakers while mom played James Bond:Goldeneye with us on the old Nintendo 64. Last night Courtney and I made some of our own memories as we walked the unplowed streets of Goshen to a friend's house a couple of blocks away; we ended up staying for two hours. Seeing that there was a ban on driving, neither of us had any place to go.

photo (7)

Something changes when we're stuck with each other, when all the shops are closed and we have to instead open our homes. For all our love of having 'things to do' it's always time with people that sticks, the unplanned get together that we don't typically make time for, opportunities to help out those around us in small ways (our awesome neighbors have a snow blower at their disposal). The magic happens when we actually seem to need each other.

For those of you restricted to walking, settle in and make some memories. For the rest of you who have to keep moving along with the bustle, be jealous.