A New Song: Thought Train

This week, the album Knowing hits the New and Notable section of Noisetrade.com, displayed on their front page till next Thursday. Thank you for those who helped Kickstart the album, bought the music, or downloaded it already from Noisetrade. Without you, this would not be happening. To honor the occasion I'm releasing a single called Thought Train. Enjoy!  

I've Looked in this mirror too many times. To see what you see. And all I see is me, scowlin back at me.

I've Hopped this train of thought too many times. I've hitched these songs for free. All I see are the jagged teeth of rocks beneath.

I've Got to jump I know it's time. A swig of wine and I'm on my feet. Spot of green and Nothin but air beneath.

I had the opportunity to co-write this song with Jonathan Reuell, now available free on Noisetrade, just enter you're email below (tips are not necessary, but greatly appreciated.) (You can also listen in the box below).


The method of recording (My friend Grant's idea) fits what I've been going for in my art. We put some limitations on the process to keep it honest.

-No artificial reverb our vocal tuning, what you hear is precisely what happened at the moment of recording.

-Only a couple hours to get it done, which meant limited tracks and limited takes.

-No computer editing (with the exception of a single guitar note).


I've recorded music with studios that made us sound better than we were, an artificial perfection I'm growing weary of. This go around was about hitting honest and meaningful notes, which I prefer. It makes me worker harder at as a musician, as a writer, and as a human being.


As far as lyrical meaning goes. I don't want to nail down specifics (though I did have some intentions when I wrote it). A poet cannot control the meaning of their work. I am curious, how does it hit you? I'm not looking for a correct answer, just a gut reaction.



P.S.  If you haven't already got a copy of my album Knowing.