Shiny Shiny Black: Travelers

I want honest art. Show me your failure and I get to see what sort of faith, hope, and love you actually have. But honest art isn't always easy to find. Shocking maybe, emotional often, but rarely honest.

So I'm always delighted when an artist starts digging. Enter Shiny Shiny Black, whose single I introduced a few months back. This time the crew has put together a full length that on the key tracks resembles REM with more gain on the guitars (Think The One I Love).

You can listen to a few tracks here.

But what jumps forward is the grit mingled with hope, fitting with a name like Shiny Shiny Black. Like the line from Six Shooter says, "The light shines in the darkness."

From Look Me In the Eye

You would not look me in the eye How did you get here darlin You would not look me in the eye Can you hear me callin.

or from Love Kill

Either love me or kill me Just don't leave me here Either love me or kill me Just don't disappear

But my favorite come from Lights On

If on the journey home You find yourself alone With nothing but stones to throw Swallow the lump in you throat

...I'll leave the light on.

It's songwriting that aims for the heart. It doesn't hurt that it also rocks.