2 Days

On Saturday Courtney and I ate breakfast on our front porch. A friend pulled his car into the driveway. He was there to help some mutual friends move in next door but had missed that we wouldn't be starting until 10. He ended up staying for breakfast and conversation. Later that morning I took a break from helping with the move to show off my underwhelming garden to a group of bicyclists. I then joined them for their next three stops at other back yard gardens.

Saturday night we had an excellent dinner on our back porch with our landlord  before walking four blocks from our place to Goshen Brewing Company.

Sunday morning we walked two blocks to the downtown soup kitchen where our church family has breakfast together (and for anyone who wants to join) on any 5th Sunday. Afterward we all did about 20 minutes of work—hardly anything for us individually, but combined a whole lot for a time and finance strapped group of people.

Sunday evening I played a house show about a mile away at a live in senior care facility—essentially a normal house shared by 6 elderly residents and an aid. The residents invited their children and friends. It was probably one of the most meaningful concerts I've played to date.

There is a lot that can happen right around you if you let it.