Starting is always the hardest part for me. I don't want to get out of bed nearly every morning and I don't mean in a funny same as everyone else sort of way. Until I put my pants on, each new day feels like a wave coming to smash me against the rocks. Most days turn out being a wave that I surf safely back to shore. But my brain rarely believes it first thing in the morning. So I find ways to trick myself out of bed. I have a routine that I can move through automatically: shower, 2 eggs with siracha and toast, half a banana, a large glass of water, put on pants, step onto my porch to greet the day. The chronology is particularly important here. Essentially what I'm doing is limiting the list of choices I have to make first thing in the morning until my brain gets the food and sunlight it needs. It helps tremendously.

But the whole day can't be a routine—unless of course you aren't interested in doing anything significant with your job and relationships. If my goal were to make a paycheck and have BBQ every night, well then getting out of bed might not be so hard. 

But there is a wave I'm interested in riding each day, and so until my brain accepts that, I'll just have to begin each day with a sense of terror—at least until I put my pants on.