I spent the day in a cabin along a creek where a kingfisher was diving after who knows what before returning to his perch.  I too went fishing for who knows what. I'm in a transition time right now and I'm trying to be deliberate about the choices I'm making. Thus the cabin time.

Inevitably I hit my breaking point around 3 in the afternoon. Any day in which I don't do some heavy brain lifting or spend time with people is exhausting. But I was trying to cut down the noise so I kept my phone in the car and only brought my guitar and a book on Banksy (a graffiti street artist). 

Sometimes rest is tiring work. But I've learned that when I let my brain go through boredom or deny it the opportunity to create things, I gain a sense of clarity. Essentially what is most important to me begins to give me the strongest hunger pains. Meanwhile, all the mundane details that I typically fret over somehow didn't destroy the world while I was gone.