...is the easiest way to get someone on board with your goals. If you can scare someone they will resort to primal behavior to make the fear go away. It works well for news networks anyway.  But fear only looks to destroy, to get rid of a threat. Fear doesn't build things, doesn't produce beauty, doesn't result in vibrant relationship. In fact, if you are afraid or angry (they often go hand in hand) you cannot operate out of your brain's pre-frontal cortex—the part that controls logical reasoning. 

What is harder is to convince people toward love, to do something because it brings beauty to their community through deep sacrifice. People often only mobilize when there is a threat, not just because there is a better way than mostly broken. But when they do mobilize from a place of love you end up with MLK Jr or Nelson Mandela (who tried both fear and love and settled on the latter). Of course they were both imprisoned and In MLK's case killed—as I said, love is harder.

So if you'd like the easy way, if you are more interested in winning than changing the world—go with fear. You will get great and hell based results. But if you are interested in casting out fear and sacrificing yourself in order to create something rather than destroy, go with love.