50 Shows: Show #7 - Highlight Reel

The great thing about the internet is that you can curate what all those friends you haven't talked to in years think you are doing with yourself. Failure can be edited out like so many bad paragraphs in the early draft of a great novel. I'm fine with editing literature, but every so often I hear about the great failure of geniuses and other people on which we bestow the mythic title of "gifted" and I realize, "Oh yea—failure is part of the process." In fact if you set out to do something worthwhile you will likely fail more often than you succeed. Let me know if you find it to be otherwise. And so I like it when people share their failure and give me permission to do the same. 

So days like today—when I end up playing music for no one but my wife and a couple employees—don't really surprise me that much. Though getting a free soft pretzel helps. I still have the responsibility to show up and do my work and fail well. And somehow, having shown up and put my heart into it still feels worth it.