I like getting things done—but loath finishing things. Give me an excavator and I'll push a house down, just don't ask me to pick up the shards of glass afterward. I need to see the progress happening.  I've been reading a book about this called The Conative Connection. Each person gets things done in a certain way—a different way. And the key to getting things done is to operate within those strengths as much as possible and either avoid your resistances altogether or work with someone who has the necessary strengths.

So for me, finishing well is learning how to take care of a few details myself, but more and more it's about working with detail people and allowing them to do what they do so well (which often means paying someone when the details are important).

Which brings me back to the dead horse I like to beat: You are a part of a community; the more you embrace that the better off you (and they) will be.