I'm on vacation—why are you bothering me? I can't speak for you, but I've noticed that I have two vacation modes: distraction and rest.

Distraction is a mindless numbing that leaves me groggy by the end of the day and comes as a result of watching tv (because I'm bored), eating too much (because I'm bored), and scrolling through Facebook (because I'm bored). It seems like the sort of stuff that would be restful, but it is soul sucking and leaves me blank.

Rest on the other hand takes a little bit of work: a walk around a field of hazelnut trees, playing the piano, writing, reading a book, visiting old friends, and of course taking a nap. There has been food, and some Facebook, and last night we did watch a documentary on the connection between the Los Angeles Raiders and the rise of hip hop. But we decided before we even left home that we'd do the things that are restful rather than just distract ourselves.

And the effects are worth the tiny bit of effort. When I rest my imagination opens up, my senses are heightened—I take in what is special about the place I'm in. My soul is filled and I end the day tired enough to sleep and proud of the experiences I've had.