50 Shows: Show #10 - Special Occasions

My friend Kellie married a couple of months ago out of state. So they had a reception in town for friends this weekend. She messaged me a couple months ago to see if I could play some guitar. She wanted to surprise her husband Tommy with a rendition of "Baby I'm Yours."

This was a no brainer for me. Not only are our musical duets epic (think the Pixies "Where Is My Mind" with a section of "Stairway to Heaven" mashed into it) but two years ago when I was recording Knowing and playing some of my first shows, Kellie's ceaseless encouragements and positivity in the face of my musical insecurities was the precise note needed during a fragile time.

Had she not been around at that point in my growth as an artist, I would not be playing at the level I am. I wouldn't be playing 50 shows in 50 weeks. And The White Oaks likely wouldn't exist.

There are people who hang around for years and walk with you, humming encouragements  in your ear day after day. Then there are people who show up for the special occasion and sing a single and essential song that helps usher you into a new phase of life. I am grateful for them both.