50 shows: Show #12 - Ready

A lot of terrible and exciting things happened yesterday—some of which I am eager but not yet at liberty to talk about. Let's just say that by the time I get through with fifty shows, there are bound to be some interesting developments. But I topped off the roller coaster day with a last second second show at Goshen Brewing Company. 

My first two hour set.

A friend contacted me yesterday to see if I could fill the spot. I hesitated. I have played for two hours before, but that was playing the same set twice in a row while busking. 

I sat down and wrote down every song I know (or had known at some point)—including three songs I hadn't yet played live. With about 30 or so songs and a bit of creative stretching I figured I could do it. So I said yes. I'll be honest—in terms of the quality I want to be putting in front of people, I wasn't ready for a two hour set. But it was a challenge I needed to take on—especially since I have a goal of having a pretty good three hour set in my back pocket. 

But I was ready enough in a pinch, which is a great change. Old me waited around for opportunities to rise to. Current me tries to be ready for the opportunities that might come—because they never come conveniently.

It's the difference I've seen in people who do great things and people who end up doing the same thing—even though they'd like something different. If you want to move into something comparatively significant, you can't wait for a guarantee that it's going to happen in order to prepare for it. 

By the time that guarantee comes—it's too late.