Becoming White Noise (Hallelujah)

Outrage—your response to every offense—is becoming white noise. The stakes are always the highest possible so you shoot from the hip at everything that moves. The endless stream of vitriol causes it all to fade into the sonic background. When outrage is the status quo, it is far easier to ignore. Thank you for that. Every time you start frothing at the mouth you articulate a little less until one day all I will hear is a babbling and always the victim child that I can pat on the head. "There, there."

I might listen more if you would back your outrage with actual love manifested in patience, kindness, empathy and self sacrifice—or perhaps even a hint of calm? People like MLK showed us that if you want to convince people and change cultures, then suffer blows without fighting back. Be adamant with your ideas, sometimes even angry but refuse to reduce yourself to childish name calling. And for your own sake, be filled and motivated by love—the fear and anger will crush you into a bitter old person who fought to save a life that in the end wasn't by any onlooker's estimation worth living.

This outrage of course can come from all ideological corners, but to my corner—the one where people think following Jesus is the highest calling, I find it most disturbing—that the angry among you predictably take your cues from talking heads who make money by scaring you with apocalyptic hypotheticals 24/7. If we will know you by your fruit then your faith in the 24 hour news cycle reaps fear, anger, and anxiety. You, upon the advice of a man who believes that Jesus and Satan are siblings, chase out someone who preaches that Jesus is God—because they voted for the wrong party, or because they offered a Muslim a job.

Besides, I've been tracking your Nostradamus level compendium of doom. And the only way to bury the bad information is to heap new hypotheticals on the old until it is both indecipherable and able to confirm anything you'd choose. In the absence of facts—mountains of information will have to do. 

But it's going away now, though slowly , fading into obscurity—dying off so a new thing can be born—a new thing that I think is still 50 years away, but that I might get to see with my own eyes. 

I'd try to describe it for you, but I think you are scared enough already.