Same Field—Every Day

The muddle of things is where the work gets done. The excitement of dreaming is important, but at some point you have to show up and do the important work every single day until it is finished. Plow the same field every day until it is finished. Don't wait till you know what you're doing.

Don't wait till inspiration strikes. 

Don't wait till you feel like doing it.

Just show up each day and do the thing you've already decided is most important—even if some days all you can find is 10 minutes. It doesn't matter how small the time or effort—if spent on the most important thing then that 10 minutes is the most important 10 minutes of your day.

Stephen King wrote "Carrie" while on lunch break at a commercial laundromat—a job where he had to take salt pills because he was sweating so much.

And if you haven't figured out your most important thing yet then just do AN important thing. Once you've finished that, find a new field to plow.