The Turtle

I am the rabbit—chasing down new ideas, kicking up dust, then burning out or even just forgetting for a few days or months. I'm spring loaded, so once I start caring again it is difficult to pace myself.  But my wife, who took her sweet time deciding on what she'd like to spend much of the rest of her life doing, is the turtle. For the past year and a half she has hunkered down and finished more 5-8 homework sessions than I could count. She merges focus and discipline, even when the passion is wanting. And it's paying off. She barely missed the 4.0 this semester. And more important, she was the sole recommendation for a social work fellowship by the head of the social work department—a woman who does not hand out recommendations lightly. 

It's not a competition. And I'm not going to be able to entirely alter my personality. But now that my turtle has a slow and steady direction—I'm guessing that she's going to make a bigger difference than most. And her focus is teaching me.