Time, Money, Standard of Living

Life is an interactive equation of time, money, things; they all suck from or feed into the other parts.

If you want more things you can spend more time in order to make more money. 

If you want more time you can buy less things, consequently spending less time making money.

Time is limited; money is flexible—you can find ways to make it more efficiently; things are practically unlimited.

Busy—the poverty of time—is an American virtue. That I have no obligations till 3:30 pm today, that I could find a way to make more money rather than write songs, that Courtney probably could find a way to earn some extra cash while she finishes up her internship, all rubs against the blue collar sentiment that I have yet to successfully evict from my brain. Even though in terms of $$$ we have more than we need, and in terms of things have more luxuries than Caesar, and certainly more than any Medieval royalty, the abundance of time that we have carved by contentment makes me unsettled—perhaps a little like a millionaire who lives in a run-down neighborhood.

I feel like I have defied prophecy a hundred times already; "wait until you graduate, until you are married" the next on the list is children. Each stage of life will certainly challenge the pace we've chosen in new ways. But I've seen people defying the rule in each chapter. For example, some friends from Ohio stripped their lifestyle to the bone and carefully choose occupation so that even with 6 children they could on a whim hop in a van and drive to Arizona to see a solar eclipse from the Grand Canyon.

I think it is true that if I want to have the money to fund the lifestyle so many put their hope of a good life in, then I must sacrifice any luxury of time in order to bring it into being. 

Or I could pay the price of contentment (which in the end feels like very little at all), learn to be wise with what I have, and enjoy the wealth of an unhurried life.