Picture a monk on everest saying "llama llama."

This is not that.

Lets strip our notions away for a second. I define mediation as: Setting your attention on one thing"

There are a lot of more and less strange ways of doing this. But at its core, meditation is about getting all the thought junk out so you can focus on what matters most to you.

How I meditate:

The weirder edge of what I do is a breathing technique taken from a crazy guy named Wim Hoff. Wim can also hold his breath underwater for 7 minutes and climb beyond the Everest death zone in only shorts, socks, and shoes. I'm not even kidding.
While I don't plan on doing any of these things anytime soon. I've found that starting with two minutes of his breathing technique helps my mind focus. I could offer an explanation, but basically it just works for me. That's the best I can give you.

From there I typically meditate on God, but allow that focus to mingle with whatever is going on in life at that point.

Side note: Even if you are an agnostic/atheist, meditating on a loving deity—even one you think is a bunch of baloney—actually strengthens in a visible way the physical parts of your brain that deal with empathy, self-control, and compassion. Whereas meditating on a primarily angry deity weakens the same physical structures. Consequently, more fundamentalist sects of any given religion are actually more prone to more devient types of behavior. The CIA has often found pretty deviant porn on the computers of Islamic terrorists.

I don't offer this as a proof of any deity's existence, just an interesting phenomena.

Meditation is difficult for Westerners. We value clear ideas spoken out loud, particularly within Christian tradition. The meditation I've found helpful and transforming has more to do with images than words. If I am leaning more toward the prayer side of things, trying to manifest something spiritual into the physical world, I might picture a sick friend and imagine a cloud of sickness leaving their body. I could just ask God to take away their sickness, but the imaginative process allows me to feel a greater connection to the person I am praying for.

Too weird for you? Well it doesn't have to be. Even the practice of picturing any image and returning your attention to that image over and over when your mind wanders, trains your brain to focus.

Even just a few minutes of mediation each day gives increased ability to focus the rest of the day. So whether it is for religious reasons, or just to improve your brain's ability to focus, 10m a day is a small price to pay.