Productivity Schedule

Any day I fill this out, I get my important work done.

Donald Miller took six months to write his first couple of books, a year to write another, two years to write the next. It kept getting worse. So he studied productivity and developed a daily schedule and sheet to fill out before he started his work. He wrote his next book in four months. He now gives the schedule away for free.

Filling out this sheet daily cuts through the fear and distraction. It helps me re-focus on what is important with a simple mind trick: "If I were living today over, I would...." then you list with new clarity what really matters to you. It's not aspirational. It actually assumes you are going to do what you always do and screw the day up. Only now you get to time travel imaginatively and do it over again. I know, it sounds stupid. And yet it has worked so well.

You also list things that you will get to enjoy that day. Again, simple, but powerful. You can do your hard work knowing that you are going to still get to enjoy life. (Or like me you can hit a wall and realize you don't know how to enjoy life and need to learn.)

Download it. Print it. It takes 5 minutes to fill out each day once you get rolling.