December 2016 Update


I'll be in Ohio this month for a couple of dates, then back in Goshen.

December 10th - Bryan, OH
December 11th - Columbus, OH
December 16th - Goshen, IN - Celebration of Failure Show with Jonathan Reuel.

The "Celebration of Failure" show is a do-over. We were supposed to release the Past, Future, Present album with Jonathan Reuel (which you can get for the price of a tip here) in September, but I dropped an amp on my foot an hour before the show and we had to rush to urgent care instead. But we decided to reframe failure and make an even better show where we give people an opportunity to process their own failure. We'll have art up by artists who have learned to embrace failure as a way forward. And Jonathan and Christa will be selling some of their "failed" pieces in a sort of silent auction form, there could be some great steals.  

After that, I'm done for the year. 

2016 has been hard work, on a number of levels. Former seasons of life have either been abundant or dark, but 2016 feels like both light and dark hard panned in stereo, and sometimes blending until you frankly can't figure out which is which. 

But that is Christmas I suppose, a spark in pitch black, a chorus of light that only a few farmers get to see, babies killed because of an king worried about a newborn. Real gifts in real life don't have perfectly folded wrapping. And life is a gift.

As far as what 2017 holds, we'll see. I'll be on the road more, if you want my route heading near you just drop me a line ( and we can get something figured out. I've really enjoyed the house shows I've done in 2016 and would love to do some more. Otherwise if you just have a suggestion for a spot in your town that I should put on my radar, it's all helpful. 

Also I'm curious. What kind of music do you think the world needs more of these days?


Grow Like Trees,