It feels good to get back into quietly creating things for a season. In the past two weeks, my good friend Kimberly and I have spent the better part of 20 hours working on a new experiment. I won't talk much about it here yet, only to say that my songwriting muscles have been infrequently used and consequently a little atrophied. But the last couple of weeks have been whatever the opposite of cold Turkey is and I'm feeling it. 

New collaborations always get me a little nervous until there are a few wins under our belt and a bit of a working routine. We're grinding it out, but getting there quickly. And this round feels a bit easier. Having been through this process before, I recognize the labor pains and where they lead to. 

So if you are starting into something and it feels like a lot of hard with infrequent pay-dirt, keep at it. The muscles will warm up and the wins will start coming. And the best wins are the ones you really had to work for.