Be Bored

Today I made a goal to be bored. This is difficult to do. But I did. Yay me. 

Boredom is important. When I let myself be bored, I realized I was sad about some things and afraid of other things. Boredom wasn't the root sensation, it was simply a desire to run faster than the emotion bears instead of dealing with them.

Boredom makes me more creative.  When you get bored you start to pay attention to tinier details. The brain tries to occupy itself. Like when I used to rip up pieces of grass and braid them while watching my brother's soccer games. 

Boredom let's me enjoy the past and the future. The space allows me to remember good times gone by. I can also daydream about a thing I'm going to get to do. The thought of a past or future event can be just as pleasant as the event itself (often more so).

So go be bored. It might end up being fun.



 —grow like trees