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A Poem: As Much As I Have Done

That manWho shot up the shipyard, When He put four rounds Into my neighbor's car tire, Why did I not go to Him? In friendship visit Him in prison? For Christ's sake Get Him some meds?

But as usual, Jesus was little more than Dinner time conversation that night. Just as He would be again, When He shot up the navy shipyard.

Outside My Circle

I am several things.

...Follower of Jesus

...sub-culturally Mennonite

...Theologically Anabaptist



...Farm Raised

...Town Dweller




I am not necessarily ashamed of any of those items. But I am aware that each brings its own blessings and subversive temptations.

I don't try to flee what I am, but I do try to get outside of myself, my perceptions, my assumptions about the world.

Which is why I hunt for people like Propaganda, the spoken word poet and rapper; they help me understand which aspects of what I believe are universal and which ones only work in the white-middle-class-evangelical-world in which I largely work, play, and worship.

So props to Propaganda.

Keep looking for people who stretch your imagination.

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