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Week of Music '13: Aging Wine

Forgive the narcissism, but I'm recording my own album at the end of January. I'm convinced that there isn't much value in pointing out a weakness unless you're willing to stick around and help bolster the deficiency. So today and Thursday I'll be offering up some of my own lyrics for consideration and criticism. Aging Wine:

I know that the Journey's long And your heart is bleeding. I know you don't have song, though your hearts still beating.

I understand. I stood where you stand. And I still say.

It's so good be with you. It's so good to see you.

I know that your still afraid, That my scars are fading. Please my friend don't be afraid, The wine of my blood is aging.

If there's been a thread that I've seen through my own writing it is this: The world we live in is a chaotic and frightful place offset by the glimmer of a locomotive headlight at the end of a long tunnel. That often comes off as more bleak than hopeful, partially because we've bought into all sorts of blind optimism, but mostly I think because we don't want to admit we are afraid and doubtful as we are. But for me, the keener my awareness of the chaos of being human, the brighter that hope seems, and in the middle of doubt I've found that hope holds up as I lean hard on it.

May He guide you through the wilderness. And protect you through the storm. May He bring you home rejoicing at the wonders He has shown you.