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How You Arrange Your Kitchen....

unnamed...will determine what you use, even what you will create. After deciding to leave the kettle on the stove top and set up a shelf with all the items necessary for pretentious drinks, my Tea and Coffee consumption has risen considerably. I liked tea before, but not enough to dig through cupboards for all items needed to assemble a cup before putting it all away again. Especially if I was only home for a few minutes in between guitar lessons. It's also true as a musician. If guitar is within reach, it is more likely I will practice at a moments notice. How we arrange our life alters our behavior.

But the most significant rearrangement has been a matter of geography–where I live, work, worship, and play. Which for me used to be North, South, East, and West of Goshen. I don't think I realized how big of a deal this was this was until Courtney and I were fortunate enough to have three of those four items focused within a six square block radius. Our kitchen has been rearranged, and so has the way we make choices. For example, while I continue to make trips to Indianapolis and Columbus every so often, a twenty minute drive feels like a trek. I can't tell you the last time I took 45 minutes to make it to South Bend. When you are used to walking to your bank, your job, your haircut, your friends houses–even on the most frigid days, your priorities shift to focus on the world immediately around you and words like neighbor start to make sense again.