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Tipping Sacred Cows

I've been working on a project. Sorry, I won't tell you what it is, but I need some help. Over the past few years, my faith journey has felt like a series of sacred cow tippings. In trying to find God, I now realize I built a dumbed down version of Him in order to make spiritual success measurable. This, of course, translated into everything else about my faith.

It's hard to admit I worshipped something so fake. It feels a bit like saying I was married to a blow up doll. But at the time, God seemed so beyond what I could hang onto, so I made something more concrete and bowed to it.

When the first sacred cow tipping happened, it felt sacrilegious, I was after all knocking over something I had exalted as God, but as I pushed I felt God next to me, pushing against it with all the fury he reigned on Mt. Sinai in his shoulders.

The tricky thing is, sacred cows are potentially good things. What might be your sacred cow, might be a vibrant part of my life with God. In the past couple of years, I've developed a fascination for liturgy; it forces me to slow down, shut up and listen. For some, however, the obsession with structure and neatness was something to overcome, it had become God.

It might be theology, morality, or even how you dress, but sacred cows are essentially mile markers that might help lead you to God, but you stop and worship them instead. Sometimes we have to get rid of the bull before we can move on.

So with a new page, and a new focus, I'm also hoping for a new interactive dynamic. I'm hoping to hear from you in the comments below. Specifically, have you had to tip any of your own sacred cows? What were they and what did the change look like?